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Summer Program

Our summer program is available for children aged five years old through children entering the 6th grade. Children must also live in the Brookings community or have parents that work in Brookings. It is expected that children will attend full days, however some exceptions are allowed pending Coordinator’s approval. Hours of operation during the summer are 5:45 AM - 6 PM. There are four sites; Kindergarten, Hillcrest, Medary, and Camelot for summer G.A.P., each with its own special personality. An updated fees schedule is available at each site, through parent letters, and on the registration form.

Kindergarten Site 692-4399:

Held in the First United Methodist Church, located at the corner of 5th St and 7th Ave., this site is for any child that is five, or will turn five, by the time of their attendance. Pre-kindergarten children, children who have completed Junior Kindergarten as well as children that have finished kindergarten are welcomed. 



The Methodist Church rooms are air conditioned and designed for the smaller child.  This downtown location is convenient for library visits and is close to the Children’s Museum playground as well as the downtown eating establishments.  Children from this location will be bused to swimming lessons at Brookings High School but other park and recreation activities will be the parent’s responsibility. 


Hillcrest Site 696-4645:

Located close to Hillcrest pool and park, this site is open to children who have completed kindergarten through the completion of 3rd grade.  The multi purpose room at Hillcrest is air conditioned, and the sheltered area outside near the school is ideal for holding activities when the weather permits.  Children from this location can attend tennis lessons, soccer and swimming lessons (at the outdoor pool) through the park and recreation program.


Medary Site 696-4369:

This site is open to children who have completed kindergarten through the completion of 3rd grade.  Children who attend the Medary site can participate in swimming lessons at Brookings High School, where lessons are held every day regardless of the weather.  The multi purpose room is air conditioned, and the children make good use of the school playgrounds. 


Camelot Site 696-4447:

Camelot School is for children that will be going into 4th through 6th grade.  Programs will be developmentally appropriate for this age group, and activities may take them off site more than the other locations.  The children will play a major role in the planning of summer events.


Swim days occur every week and the children attending the Camelot, Medary and Kindergarten sites are bused to Hillcrest Pool.  The Hillcrest site walks to the pool.  Once they are at the pool, the children spend the day swimming and playing in the park until their parents pick them up at the Aquatics Center. 


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