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Many answers to questions you may have can be found in our Parent Policy Manual.

How do I pay my fees?

Fees are invoiced and paid through the Lillio app. 


Full days have an additional fee and will be billed through the Lillio app. 

Summer fees are paid on a bi-weekly schedule which is made available to families. 

Is G.A.P. open when school is closed for holidays and breaks?

A calendar is available that lists which days G.A.P. will be open and which days G.A.P. will be closed. 

What is the G.A.P. inclement weather policy?

If school is cancelled due to weather, the following action

will be taken:


  • If school is cancelled before the start of the school day, there will be no G.A.P.           

  • If school is dismissed before lunch is served, there will be no G.A.P.           

  • If school is dismissed after lunch is served, G.A.P. will open at dismissal time until 6:00 PM.

  • If the schools have a late start, the morning program will be open for any G.A.P. child that needs care regardless of their site of attendance.

  • If children are at Morning G.A.P.  when schools are closing, staff will contact parents to inform them of the closure.  Parents will be given a reasonable time frame to come and pick up their child

  • Scheduled full days will be cancelled if no travel is advised. 

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